Rank Company Euro Truck Simulator 2

Posição Empresa P$ Bruto P$ Liquido P$ Descontado Viagens
1 MUNDIAL TRANSPORTE P$33243.6 P$33164.9 P$78.699999999997
2 G.T.P Transportes™ P$20286.9 P$19786.3 P$500.6
3 Nova Era Transportes Brasil P$20072.5 P$19761.5 P$311
4 DLA Logística P$14930.7 P$14892.1 P$38.6
5 CORTÊS TRANSPORTES L.T.D.A P$16430.7 P$14597.1 P$1833.6
6 SPEED LOG BR P$11692.9 P$10265.0 P$1427.9
7 FOX Transporte & Logística™ P$6427.4 P$6420.6 P$6.7999999999993
8 L.E & CIA Transportes P$6176.4 P$5996.4 P$180
9 L0G 47V 90KM 4M1G05 7RUCK V1R7U4L P$1215.6 P$1148.4 P$67.2
10 Trans Gato Preto P$948.3 P$948.3 P$0
11 TNT-LOGÍSTICA™ P$631.1 P$603.4 P$27.7
12 TransCargas Logística Brasil P$544.6 P$530.0 P$14.6
13 Rodoviária Falcão Transportes P$200.6 P$200.6 P$0
14 Pro Speed Rigs P$33.5 P$33.5 P$0
15 Logística Hoffmann Schaefer P$22.6 P$22.3 P$0.3

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