Rank Company Euro Truck Simulator 2

Posição Empresa P$ Bruto P$ Liquido P$ Descontado Viagens
1 MUNDIAL TRANSPORTE P$12870.6 P$12823.7 P$46.9
2 DLA Logística P$11537.3 P$11470.6 P$66.7
3 Grupo JSL P$10139.4 P$10031.9 P$107.5
4 Nova Era Transportes Brasil P$7628.3 P$7554.4 P$73.9
5 FOX Transporte & Logística™ P$3748.8 P$3645.4 P$103.4
6 NPRARJ CONVEYOR LTDA P$2572.9 P$2367.3 P$205.6
7 EAOMC P$2191.5 P$2183.2 P$8.3
8 SPEED LOG BR P$1159.6 P$922.5 P$237.1
9 MAINARDES & FERREIRA LTDA P$795.6 P$761.4 P$34.2
10 Falcão Transportes P$250.4 P$250.4 P$0
11 Francisco Reis Winchester Express P$177.0 P$172.8 P$4.2
12 Jadlog Logística [Oficial] P$170.8 P$166.9 P$3.9
13 TNT-LOGÍSTICA™ P$155.7 P$151.2 P$4.5
14 PT Fair Players P$141.6 P$139.2 P$2.4
15 J*R*S Transportes P$89.4 P$89.4 P$0

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